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SM Boot Camp:
An Intensive Stage Management Workshop

This is a one-week stage management intensive designed for stage managers who are looking to refine and add to their skill set. We spend the week focusing on all things stage management. It's great for those who are looking to make the leap from non-union to AEA, become more confident in their abilities or fill in any gaps in training.


Class sizes are intentionally kept small (3-10 students) to guarantee a personalized, one-on-one experience.

Next Boot Camp

We are proud to announce that our next SM Boot Camp will be

September 4-8, 2018

hosted by ACT Theatre

Seattle, WA

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Those who attend Boot Camp will:

  • Understand how responsibilities evolve throughout a production.

  • Develop effective communication techniques.

  • Discuss how to lead your stage management team.

  • Have your paperwork reviewed by a professional stage manager.

  • Explore how to prevent burn out.

  • Participate in a resume workshop and learn how to get work.

  • Build your stage management networking circle.

  • Learn to anticipate problems.

  • Be invited to a special SM Q&A panel with working professionals.

  • Gain access to a SM Boot Camp Alumni group.

  • Receive a SM Boot Camp Swag Bag!

Registration:  $600

Sponsors and Supporters (Past & Present)

Past Boot Camps have been hosted by:

  • ACT Theatre- Seattle, WA

  • Taproot Theatre- Seattle, WA

  • Theatre Puget Sound- Seattle, WA

  • University of California, Irvine- Irvine, CA

About Boot Camp
What others are saying

What past students have said about the course:

What was your favorite part

of SM Boot Camp?

"I feel almost like a different person in a way. There are so many things that I learned that I just had no idea that I didn't know until I knew them! Everything I learned is going to allow me to be better at working in a team and provide more confidence.

My favorite part is just that I was able to be there because everything that happened was valuable."

(March 2018)

Would you recommend

this course?

"Definitely! It's a lot of fun and if you like stage management, you'll love it.

I think anyone in this profession needs a class like this to refresh what they know."

(May 2015)

    "Yes! Everyone needs a place to talk about what they don't know. It's a MUST for anyone remotely interested in stage management or beginning as a PA"

(May 2015)

How is Anne as an instructor?

   "Anne did a truly fantastic job facilitating the week. It is clear that [she] loves what [she] does, and is very capable at it."

(March 2018)

  "UH-mazing! I love having Anne as a teacher. Her teaching style is very clear, open, and honest and I really appreciate that."

(May 2015)


"She was energetic and approachable; I very much felt like she was having

a conversations with us about the broad scope of the stage management world"

(May 2015)

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